Historic Replicas, Build and Repairs

Canal Transport Services (c-T-s) maintains a proud history of carriage on the canals from sturdy working boats to ‘Victoria’ and ‘Albert’, hotel boats built in the ‘Small Woolwich style’ previously operated by the company.

We have in depth knowledge of running a business on the canals and two privately owned boats, ‘Aldridge’ and ‘Meteor’ whose owners are happy to use our traditional colours to promote return of freight to Britain’s waterways.

With our latest work-boat ‘Grinstead’ featuring at Crick Show 2014, our contribution to the heartbeat of the canals continues and we would be proud to undertake any commission to build, convert or modify craft supporting this noble tradition. Keith Astley who designed the layout for the cabin of ‘Grinstead’ has shown that a work-boat can be comfortable as well as functional.