* Coach Painting * Spraying * Signwriting * Scumbling * Shot Blasting * Traditional decorations *

Controlled Environment
All boat preparation, painting and finishing takes place in our heated moisture controlled dry-dock facility by enthusiastic staff with years of experience. The facility enables painting to be undertaken all year round.

Tailored Solutions
With painting and blacking an expensive and disruptive event, cTs offers a range of cost effective solutions which can be tailored to your individual budget and schedule. 

Contact Matthew Cooper or one of his team to discuss your requirement.

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Pre -Purchase order Activity:
Painting - Options:
• Free Visual survey and Quotation for boats within 30 miles of Norton Canes.
• Phone/e-mail estimates based on customer descriptions.
  for Boats in other regions.
• Full paint / structural survey. (by Arrangement)
•  Hull blacking, various options available to suit your requirements.
• Traditional coachpainting methods employed for paint application.
• Coach lines and traditional decorations.
• Sign writing.
Boat Preparation - Options:
Additional Services:
•  Hull preparation , various levels of hull preparation available as required.
• Removal and fitting of Fixtures, windows, portholes.
• Temporary dust enclosures.
• "Bare metal" preparation our proffered option.
• Traditional Scrabbling, grinding and sanding.
• Over plating and structural repairs.
• Brass polishing and protective coats.
•  Arrange to have your boat collected, painted and returned to your desired location.
  • Have your long overdue service carried out whilst the boat is out of the water.
• Discuss, design and gain quotations for modifications.
• Fuel polishing.